15 Best Reusable Respirators – Cambridge Mask Alternatives

Respro respirator

Although disposable respirators are handy, they are also expensive, environmentally harmful, and require planning to pre-purchase.

If you feel this way, a reusable respirator (often referred to as a reusable mask), is extremely useful. Not only are they cheaper over the long run, but they are often more comfortable and more environmentally friendly.

These days, there is a massive variety of reusable respirators out there, and a large number of them are very good. The most popular tend to be Cambridge Mask, Vogmask and Airinum, however, they aren’t the only options!

Especially currently, many of these brands are out of stock. It has led to many people asking the question ‘what are the best Cambridge Mask alternatives?’ and ‘what are the best Vogmask alternatives?’.

In this article, we will have a look at some of the best reusable respirators on the market. Most of these masks are quite well-known, but there might be a few that you haven’t heard about before!

Before I begin listing the best reusable respirators and masks, I want to clarify a few things.

  • Masks on this list are intended for general (public) use and are not to be used in professional settings. If you are in a professional setting, get training before deciding on a respirator. 
  • These masks are generally intended to protect against typical outdoor air pollution. That is to say, they protect against fine particles and VOCs. If you need protection from a specific gas or particle, make sure to do research and to purchase the right mask.
  • No reusable respirator is effective unless it is fitted properly. While fit-testing requires professional training, some level of protection can be achieved by doing pressure checks and following the fitting steps

Masks with valves should be AVOIDED for pandemics and virus protection. It is important to only use masks WITHOUT valves if you are looking for such a mask.

This post contains affiliate links. For more information, please refer to my affiliate disclaimer.

Why Pick a Reusable Respirator?

Aropec Anti Viral Review

Looking for an anti-viral mask? Check out my Aropec Anti-viral mask review.

Before we go over the best reusable respirators, we first need to discuss why reusable respirators are better. There are a few obvious factors, such as that they are more convenient and less environmentally harmful, but there are a few other elements that you may not have considered!

  • Reusable respirators are cheaper. Although they require more initial investment, an average reusable respirator lasts for 150-300 hours. Disposable masks normally only last for around 8 hours each. If the average disposable mask costs $3, then you are looking at over $100 for 300 hours worth of disposable masks.
  • No need to worry about fit. When purchasing a disposable respirator, you always have to worry about the fit. Every mask is different, and not all will fit you. With a reusable respirator, once you find one that fits you never need to worry again. Just purchase the same mask again in the future!
  • Reusable respirators can be washed. This means that you can keep them clean and also that they are more environmentally friendly.
  • You can pick a respirator design that suits you. Whether you want something subtle that blends in, or something that stands out, you can find a design that you like with reusable respirators.

Xiaomi Purely – KN95 respirator with a fan, full review.

Best Reusable Respirators

There are many different reusable respirator companies out there, and I couldn’t include them all on this list. I will be making sure to update this list in the future and to add new companies when I encounter them.

However, I wanted to include companies that have a relatively strong international presence. Many countries have domestic reusable respirator producers, but many of these (especially in the cases of countries like Korea and China) don’t ship internationally.

If there is anything that you would like to see added to this list, please leave a comment and I will add the respirator when I can!

1. Re-Mask

Re Mask Pro with Valve

Re-Mask is a relatively new entry to the reusable mask space. However, despite being new they have a great line-up of masks for a variety of different purposes. Further, the viral, bacterial and particle filtrations have all been tested by third part labs (Nelson Labs).

The filter is capable of filtering 99% of particles, 97% of bacteria and 99.9% of viruses at the MPPS of 0.3μm. That means that the filters in Re-Mask are some of the most capable on this list.

There are three different models – the Pro, which has a valve and is aimed at pollution, the Casual which allows the user to replace the filters and is aimed more at viral and bacterial filtration (with no valve), and the Sports Series which is a cheaper mask intended for families.

The masks are very light and comfortable to wear even in warmer conditions. The Casual Re-Mask also allows the user to replace the filters when needed, meaning that this mask is reusable for many months or potentially even years.

Looking to learn more about Re-mask? I recently covered the mask in a full review. I also covered another product made by the same company – Earth Filter, a universal mask filter.


  • Some of the best filtration qualities out of all masks on this list.
  • Many different designs, including valve and valve-less.
  • Ships to most countries.


  • More expensive than some options on this list.
  • Harder to achieve a proper fit with.
  • Ear-strap design can be uncomfortable for long periods of wear.

If you use the code Breathesafeair at checkout you can also get a 25% discount. If you would rather, you can also click here to have the discount automatically applied.

2. Gill Mask

Gill Mask Design

Gill Mask is one of the more interesting masks that I have recently reviewed. This silicone mask is designed with three main goals in mind: to decrease cost, to decrease waste, and to be easily cleanable.

The Gill Mask allows the user to choose which filter they want to use. However, unlike most masks, these filters can be almost anything – they aren’t brand or size specific.

For example, if you are only looking for droplet protection or protection from larger particles, a surgical mask can be cut down to provide 4-6 filters for the Gill Mask. This not only decreases waste, but also is far cheaper over the long term.

For better protection, filters such as the Earth Filter can be used (after being cut down to size). Gill Mask also offers their own filters.

Finally, the mask is also very easy to clean due to the easy removal of the filters and the plastic design. A children’s model is also available.


  • Almost anything can be used as a filter. This allows the user to choose which type of filter they need.
  • The silicone design allows for a great fit.
  • The mask is very easily cleanable.
  • Filtration depends on which filter is used. Nearly every type of mask/filter can be cut down and used in Gill Mask.
  • Head straps are very comfortable.


  • Mask can be difficult to breathe through due to small filter.
  • Not a good mask for exercise due to breathing difficulty.
  • Bigger design that is conspicuous.

3. Totobobo Mask

Totobobo Children Mask

Totobobo is a company based in Singapore that offers one of the most unique masks on the market. The first thing that stands out about this mask is the look – it’s transparent apart from the filters.

The transparent and plastic design of the mask offers many unique benefits. Not only can you self fit-test the mask (this is the only mask to offer such a function), but you can easily clean it. You can even heat the mask up to mould it to your face!

Totobobo has many unique features and it is one of the most interesting masks on this list. if you don’t mind the look, then this is one of my personal recommendations. It’s one of the best fitting masks that I have ever tried. You can find my full Totobobo mask review here.


  • The only mask on this list that allows for self fit-testing
  • Adjustable in many different ways. This allows for users to create the perfect fit
  • Filters are easily replaceable and cheap to replace
  • Different sizes for children all the way to adults
  • Easily washable


  • The look of the mask isn’t liked by everyone
  • Not all filters have lab results yet. However, the F94 and F96 filters have full test results

Use the code ‘BREATHESAFEAIR’ for 8% off your Totobobo purchase!

4. Bloo Mask

Bloo Mask Comfort

Bloo Mask is a brand based in New Zealand. These masks are extremely light (at only 10 grams) and have an expected usage period of around 200 hours. They also offer exceptionally low breathing resistance.

The masks offer > 97.5% filtration against all tested particles (0.1μm, 0.3μm, 0.5μm and 1μm). On top of this, they also offer >97.5% filtration against both viral and bacterial particles. I covered the filtration characteristics of the mask more in my Bloo Mask review.

These masks do not currently hold an official rating. However, the filter has had third-party testing. The addition of a chin-wrap also means that the mask provides a comfortable fit.

Overall, this is the lightest and easiest mask to breathe through that I have ever tried. Although the lifespan of the mask is around 100-200 hours (from my experience), the masks are very affordable.


  • Good filtration ( > 97.5% on all tested particles).
  • Very easy to breathe through
  • Exceptionally lightweight
  • Fashionable but doesn’t stand out too much


  • Shorter lifespan compared to many other masks on this list
  • Currently does not hold official certifications
  • Shipping is currently limited to a few countries (New Zealand and Australia)

Use the code ‘BSA’ at checkout for a small discount and to support Breathe Safe Air.

5. Mau Mask

Mau Mask Colorful Design

Mau Mask is a company that tries to combine fashion and protection. Where many other fashionable masks provide little or no proven filtration, the Mau Mask uses filters that have been tested by third-party companies.

The masks use no valve, so they are a good choice of protection when air needs to be filtered both ways. However, this means that they can have slightly higher breathing resistance and interior temperature when used for protection from fine dust.

I cover the specifications of the Mau Mask more in my review. However, the mask has an average filtration of 99.47% of particles at 0.1μm. This puts it among the higher filtration masks in this list. The filters are also replaceable, meaning that the mask can be used for many months provided that it is cared for.


  • High filtration mask
  • Uses replaceable filters that can be changed by the user
  • Fashionable designs
  • Well fitting for average adult faces


  • Only available in one size
  • The filter doesn’t cover the whole interior of the mask
  • Fitting this mask can be hard as it is a looser-fitting mask
  • Some of the designs may be too flashy for some people.

Use the code ‘BSA’ at checkout for a $5 discount and to support Breathe Safe Air.

6. Vogmask

Vogmask Unboxing

Vogmask is one of the biggest players in the reusable respirator game. They have been around for a long time, and create quality masks that are well-known and of a good quality. 

Vogmask are standard reusable respirators. By standard, I mean that they are fitted with straps behind the ear, they have a wire nose-piece, and they are a typical shape.

These reusable masks are rated KN95, and KF94. If you want to learn more, you can find my review on Vogmask here.

Please note, these masks DO NOT hold an N95 rating. Their filtration does meet the requirements of the N95 certification, however, they do not officially hold the rating.


  • Achieves N95, KN95 and KF94 filtration standards.
  • Many different designs
  • Standard fit (if a disposable respirator fits you, this should too)
  • Available in many different countries


  • Ear-straps can cause pain after long periods of wear. A strap is available to remedy this.
  • Wire nose-piece can be a bit taught and hard to adjust properly
  • Although N95, some masks on this list have higher ratings

7. O2 Canada

O2 Canada has a unique take on reusable respirators and they provide some of the most interesting masks on this list. 

O2 masks have fully replaceable parts, allowing you to simply purchase new filters when needed. This means that once you have the mask, you won’t need to buy another one.

These reusable masks have an interesting design and it means a few things. Firstly, some people won’t like the design. These masks stand out. 

However, the design also means that the mask creates a strong seal on the face of most people. 

Although the O2 masks do not have an NIOSH rating (due to their small size), they have been tested and shown to filter up to 99% of fine particles. They also have 99.97% viral filtration efficiency.


  • A smaller mask with a headband that will be more comfortable for some people
  • Very good filtration capabilities
  • The design helps the mask create a better seal with the wearers face. This makes it more effective
  • All mask parts can be replaced individually


  • Significantly more expensive than most reusable masks on this list.
  • Many people will not like the design 

8. Airinum

Airinum masks are another popular reusable respirator option and they are also some of the most elegant and sleek masks on the market. When people ask me what I would recommend as a Cambridge Mask alternative, this is one of my most recommended masks.

Where Cambridge Mask and Vogmask have many designs that make them stand out, Airinum has gone for a more simple design that makes them look elegant and fashionable

The dual valve design is similar to that offered by Respro and makes breathing both comfortable and easy. 

These reusable masks are rated KN95, meaning that they filter out at least 95% of 0.3 micron particles. 

Airinum also offers many replacement parts. Everything from the filter to the valve and strap can be replaced. 


  • Simple, elegant design. Many people will appreciate the simplicity of Airinum
  • KN95 filtration. Although not the best filtration, KN95 will protect you from the majority of fine particles
  • Replaceable parts


  • Only KN95. Some other reusable respirators offer N99 equivalent ratings
  • Ear-strap design. However, an optional headband can be purchased
  • More expensive than many masks on this list

9. Cambridge Mask

Fine Dust Respirator

Although I own many of the reusable masks on this list, the mask that I keep coming back to is the Cambridge Mask

This mask is very similar to Vogmask with only a few slight differences. I recently did a comparison of Vogmask vs Cambridge Mask.

The Cambridge Mask meets the N99 filtration requirements and provides very effective filtration against fine dust particles. However, as with Vogmask and many other masks on this list, Cambridge Mask does not hold an N99 certification.

Cambridge mask also has many different designs and it is possible to find something for everyone. Want to learn more? Read my full Cambridge Mask review!


  • > 99% filtration
  • Adjustable chin straps
  • Standard fit
  • Many designs available


  • Ear-straps, these can cause pain over long periods of wear. 
  • The mask is heavier than other similar masks (like Vogmask). This can make it uncomfortable over long periods.

10. Debrief Me

Debrief Me is an interesting name for a mask company, however, don’t let that deter you! They have some N99 rated (but not certified) reusable respirators which are great for protecting you and your family. 

Debrief Me masks follow the same design as Vogmask, Cambridge Mask and Airinum. In other words, they follow the ‘standard’ design. This means they have ear straps.

Debrief Me masks can be found in both 95% and 99% filtration variants. The 95% variant will provide less filtration but will also have more ease of breathing.

They also provide sports masks which follow a design similar to Respro’s masks. However, this mask currently has no NIOSH rating, and as such, it’s better to avoid for fine particle protection. 

The biggest downside with the Debrief Me mask is that the ear straps are very small. This can make them very uncomfortable over long periods, and I highly recommend purchasing a headband.


  • N95 and N99 variants
  • Filters can be replaced
  • Standard design that will appeal to many people


  • Small ear-straps can be painful to wear 
  • The 95 variant has no valves and as such, the 99 mask will be significantly more comfortable

11. Respro

Best reusable respirators

Respro is another big player in the reusable dust mask area, and one that has been around for many years. 

Respro is perhaps most well known for their designs. While many people love them, some people find that they stand out too much. 

There are many different models of reusable respirator at Respro, and they range from FFP1 to FFP3 (80-99% filtration). The highest rated Respro respirators are comparable to an N99 rating.

The biggest benefit of Respro over the competition is the fit. These respirators don’t use ear straps, and rather, they have a head-band that goes behind your neck.

This means that the mask will be fitted more effectively (it is less likely to move) and also that it removes the strain from your ears – something which can be very painful otherwise. 


  • Respro masks go up to an FFP3 rating (comparable to N99)
  • Many different mask models available 
  • Due to the design, these masks are great for sports
  • Removes the strain from ears


  • Some people will not like the design as it tends to stand out
  • The lower-end masks are only rated FFP1 (80% filtration)

12. MeoAir Mask

MeoAir Pollution Mask

MeoAir is a mask made in New Zealand using a wool filter. This filter is named the Helix filter and is produced by Lanaco. I recently did a full review of this mask, including the filtration properties that the filter offers.

The mask meets the NZ/Aus P2 standard which means that it provides > 94% filtration. However, the Meo Lite actually offers significantly more, with test results showing a minimum of 96% filtration of fine particles.

Since the mask is made from wool, it also offers best-in-class breathing resistance. When I tested the breathing resistance, I found it to be significantly lower than alternative masks. In test results, it’s as much as 5x lower than masks that offer comparable filtration.


  • Wool filter makes breathing far easier than comparable masks
  • > 96% filtration at 0.3μm and > 99% at 0.1μm
  • > 99.99% bacterial resistance
  • Comparably cheaper than other options on this list
  • Replaceable filters


  • Lack of test results for viral particles
  • Masks ship from New Zealand, meaning that waiting times can be long

13. OnroadCo

OnroadCo is another mask company specialising in reusable respirators. This company is one of the lesser known ones, but one that provides quality products. 

Again, OnroadCo follows a standard reusable respirator design. This means that the mask uses ear straps and has a wire nosepiece. The biggest design difference is that the valves are placed higher up (closer to the top of the mask).

These reusable respirators meet the N95 standard (but do not hold the rating officially) and while not the best on this list, the provide significant protection against fine particles and other pollutants. 


  • N95 equivalent filtration mask 
  • Standard design that will appeal to many people


  • Only a few designs, and no solid colour designs
  • Only rated equivalent to N95

14. Idontcare Korea

Korea Fashion Dust mask

Idontcare Korea provides some of the most interesting and unique masks on this list, and after testing the reusable mask myself, I can’t help but recommend it.

Currently, this mask is only available in Korea. However, the company has expressed an interest in expanding internationally, and I recommend checking their website to see when they start international sales.

The mask has around 92% filtration and just falls short of the KF94 requirement. However, the mask is also extremely comfortable and is one of the best fitting masks that I have tested. Despite having a lower filtration rating, the fit is far better for many people.

The mask is fashionable and also features interchangeable filters. Each filter is rated to last 100 hours, and a 5 pack can be purchased for $10.


  • Very comfortable mask
  • Adjustable ear bands allow for more secure fitting
  • Well designed and stylish, while not standing out too much
  • Interchangeable filters


  • Only rated for 92% filtration, this is lower than many of the other masks on this list
  • Large initial cost. Over time though, the filters will make the mask cheaper
  • Limited availability

15. Purely KN95 Mask

Xiaomi KN95 Fan Mask

The Xiaomi Purely KN95 mask is unique as it is the only mask on this list that offers active cooling. That is to say, this mask has a fan and motor that allow it to actively intake air. Not only does this assist in breathing, but it cools the inside of the mask.

Anyone that has worn a mask or respirator for an extended period of time knows that they can become very uncomfortable very quickly. The Xiaomi Purely tries to solve this problem by making sure that air is constantly flowing.

While the fan has limited impact (you can find my full review here), the mask is still rated KN95, has interchangeable filters, and is actually quite comfortable. If you don’t mind the size and extra weight of the fan, this is a good choice of mask.


  • KN95 filtration
  • A comfortable mask that comes with a headband included
  • Interchangeable filters that can easily be replaced
  • Clean, fashionable design


  • The mask is significantly heavier due to the fan module
  • The fan has limited impact. While it can help at times, it can also be loud at the faster speeds

Which Reusable Respirator Is Best?

As much as I wish that I could give an overall recommendation, it unfortunately isn’t that easy. It depends on user case and there person in question. However, there are a few general recommendations that I can give regarding which reusable respirator is best.

In terms of the best protection, you will want to look for an N99 or FFP3 rated mask. The masks on this list that meet these specifications are the Respro mask (select models) and the Cambridge Mask (Pro Model).

Both the Respro and Cambridge Mask have the option to use headbands, however, this will need to be purchased separately for the Cambridge Mask. I highly recommend using reusable respirators with a headband, as they can be extremely uncomfortable over long periods otherwise.

While I haven’t had experience with the mask myself, the O2 Canada mask looks to be a very effective mask that provides fantastic filtration. I am looking into ordering one of these masks myself so I can test it, however stocks are very low right now.

Overall, all of these reusable masks can provide great protection. However, no matter which mask you purchase I would say that a headband is an essential. You can purchase these headbands from Amazon.

Personally, I would recommend the Cambridge Mask. However, as mentioned earlier, there are low stocks at the moment and they can be very hard to find. If that is the case, there are many Cambridge Mask alternatives out there.

Aropec anti-viral mask review.

Reusable Respirator FAQ

How Long Do Reusable Respirators Last?

This depends on the respirator in question, however most are rated for at least 100 hours. Many are rated for much longer, and can be used for up to 300 hours.

Other factors such as air quality can impact how long the respirator can be used for.

What Is the Highest Rated Reusable Respirator?

In this comparison, the best-rated respirators are the Cambridge Mask Pro (meets the N99 requirements) and the higher-end Respro masks which are rated at FFP3. These ratings are comparable to each other.

There are many more reusable respirators available that meet the N95 criteria.

Can I Wash A Reusable Respirator?

Before you wash your respirator make sure to check the manual and/or website of the brand. However, most reusable respirators can indeed be washed, and many even allow you to replace the filter.

Is a Respirator With a Valve Better?

When it comes to fine dust protection, reusable respirators with a valve are generally best as they are more comfortable and are less humid inside.

What Is the Best Alternative to Cambridge Mask?

There are many great alternatives to Cambridge Mask. Vogmask, Airinum, and Respro are all popular reusable masks that perform similarly to Cambridge Mask.

What Is the Best Alternative to Vogmask?

There are many different reusable respirators on the market. Cambridge Mask, Airinum and Respro are the biggest competitors to Vogmask. However, there are also many more reusable masks available that provide great filtration such as O2 Canada and Idontcare Korea.

7 thoughts on “15 Best Reusable Respirators – Cambridge Mask Alternatives”

  1. I have a problem calling half of these masks “reusable’. While Respro, Totobobo, and a couple others definitely are, the Cambridge, Vogmask, and others like it are not as you have to throw the entire mask away when the filter stops working. It may a lot longer than an 8 hour shift but you still toss the whole thing.

    1. Hello Mike,

      I can understand how the wording can seem off, and I appreciate you pointing that out – I will make sure to make that more clear in the article.

      While I do understand your point, I consider all of these masks reusable. The fact that you can use them more than once in my mind means reusable. Of course, they do have to be replaced every (usually) couple of hundred hours, and they are only reusable to a point.

      The other masks that you pointed out (as well as MeoAir, Xiaomi Purely, and a few others) I would usually refer to as interchangeable or replaceable filter masks. Of course, they do also have limits and I’ve had to replace some of these masks before as they get dirty, worn, or damaged otherwise.

  2. Perhaps worth clarifying that several of these have an exhaust valve, so (as your article about valves makes clear) anyone buying because of the pandemic should rule them out as they will not prevent your breath infecting anyone else. The valved masks are Cambridge Mask, Vogmask, Airinum, OnroadCo, Purely and Respro.

    1. Hello, Gareth.

      Thank you for pointing that out. That is a great suggestion!

      I will update the article to reflect the changes you suggested.

  3. I feel like you need to note, in bold, warnings about valved masks during a pandemic. I understand you started these articles because of fine dust and pollution issues in South Korea, but this is a pandemic and many of your reviews still talk about valved masks as a positive thing, which misleads people. Reading your reviews, it is very hard to figure out that they’re actually very bad for the current pandemic and that having a valved mask can harm others with your droplets.

    1. While I understand your point, I do mention at the beginning of the article:

      ‘These masks are generally intended to protect against typical outdoor air pollution. That is to say, they protect against fine particles and VOCs. If you need protection from a specific gas or particle, make sure to do research and to purchase the right mask’.

      As you mentioned, this blog is air pollution based website and I make that as obvious as possible. Although you are right, and that most people are purchasing masks for the virus now, I hardly think that I am misleading people as you say. I even recently wrote an article about valves and when they are bad – https://breathesafeair.com/why-do-masks-have-valves/.

      However, I do understand your point and I can see the confusion this can cause. I have begun to cover valves in more detail in my more recent reviews (since the virus became the primary need for masks), but I still need to go back and update all of my older articles. I will see about adding a banner or insert that goes across all of my posts. I have already added a bold warning on this post.

      Thank you for the feedback!

    2. I wear a valved respirator and a surgical mask over it. That way, I get the heightened protection of a respirator while at the same time stopping large droplets from escaping.

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