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Gill Mask Review – Mask That Uses Any Filter!

Although reusable respirators do help us breathe cleaner air, they also result in a large amount of waste. Sure, they are better for the planet than disposable respirators, but many of them still need to be replaced every few months or less.

Gill Mask is one of the first masks that is seriously trying to combat the issue of waste. While some masks such as MeoAir masks take the approach of making biodegradable filters, Gill Mask takes the approach of making a mask that allows for the use of replaceable and very small filters. 

In a time such as the present, when masks are essential in many areas, the issue of mask waste is greater than ever before. Millions of masks are used every day, and few of them are environmentally friendly.

Gill Mask also has many more benefits though. This is a mask that allows you to use any other filter – reducing the issue of availability. It is also easily cleanable, well-fitting, and affordable. 

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Earth Filter Inside

I used the Earth Filter with the Gill Mask.

The biggest benefit of the Gill Mask is that it doesn’t require specific filters. Rather, you can place any filter within the mask. Since the actual filtering surface is also very small, there are a large range of different mask filters that you can place in the Gill Mask. 

As with every mask, the Gill Mask is not effective unless fitted correctly. However, the gill mask makes it very easy to identify a good fit. Since the mask is made out of silicone, I found that it was relatively easy to achieve a fit without leaks. 

When initially fitting the mask I noticed that there were leaks around the ridge of my nose. However, after adjusting the straps I was able to remove these leaks and to achieve a seal. When a correct seal is achieved, it’s easy to identify as you will feel the whole mask move when you breathe. 

Gill Mask Filter

Once an effective fit is achieved, the mask will gain the filtration qualities of the filter that is used. Since the size of the filter in Gill Mask is very small, you will easily be able to cut a rectangle filter that fits from any other kind of filter that you may already own. 

The downside to this is that it means that there is more breathing resistance. Since the surface area of the filter is smaller, the breathing resistance is greater. However, this is a trade-off that has been taken to allow for less waste and a better fit. 

If you are looking to use cloth masks as recommended by the CDC, the Gill Mask will allow you to get longer use out of these masks. Rather than wearing each mask once, you can cut each mask into five or six separate filters. 

Gill Mask White

If you are looking for protection against particles (such as air pollution), then there are many masks that offer filters. These filters can either be removed from the masks and placed within the Gill Mask, or you can purchase replaceable filters.

Two filters that I found to work well (when cut down to size) were the Earth Filter and the MeoAir filter. Both of these filters can be cut down to two separate filters for the Gill Mask, and both have good filtration qualities.

Gill Mask does offer two of its own filters. These are the FS2 and the FP95. The FS2 filters are aimed at providing the wearer with bacterial particle protection, and they are capable of filtering out > 98% of bacterial particles at 3.0μm (EN14683).

The FP95 filter is designed for more complete protection, and this is the filter that is a good choice if you are looking for protection from air pollution. This filter adheres to the KN95 standard and has been tested by GTT. It provides ≥ 98.9% filtration of particles at the MPPS. It also meets the breathing resistance, flammability, and headband strength requirements of the GB2626 standard.

Finally, Gill Mask does not use a design that includes valves. This means that both air inhaled and exhaled by the wearer is filtered. This means that while the breathing resistance is higher, the mask can also be used for viral particles. Learn more about valves and when they are useful.

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Gill Mask Seal

The Gill Mask has a rather unique fit, and that is attributable to the fact that the mask uses a silicone face mould. This allows a great fit to be achieved, as the material tends to allow for a much better seal than the traditional cloth face mask design that is commonly used. 

Since the Gill Mask is tight fitting, I also found that it was easy to identify leaks. I could feel air escaping around the top of the nose seal, and this allowed me to quickly adjust the mask so that the air was no longer escaping. 

Something that is instantly noticeable with the Gill Mask is that it feels very similar to a diving or snorkel mask. If you have ever done either of these activities, the feeling of the Gill Mask will be very similar. So far, I have encountered this feeling with all plastic/silicone masks that I have used, including the fan-powered Koolmask.

The company states that the inspiration for this mask came from a diving mask, and this was definitely in line with what I experienced. 

The mask also features a double-head strap design. If you have ever read my reviews before, then you will know that I am someone that always complains about ear-straps. 

Gill Mask Childrens

A children’s model is also available.

Not only are ear-straps uncomfortable, but fitting masks with this design is also usually far more finicky. Further, it’s often hard to achieve a proper fit that doesn’t get dislodged with activity. 

For this reason, the head strap design that the Gill Mask features is something that I greatly appreciated. I would even go a step further and say that the double strap design used on the Gill Mask is one of the best that I have used. 

The elastic bands are strong, and the straps allow the user to firmly fit the mask in place and to ensure that the mask stays in place even after activity. The mask has one top headband and one band that goes around the wearer’s neck. 

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Gill Mask Breathe Safe Air

The Gill Mask features a plastic and silicone design. There are two distinct parts of the mask – the seal, which is the part that comes in contact with the users face and is made from silicone. The second part is made from a solid plastic, and this forms the front of the mask including the filter compartment. 

The silicone seal is replaceable, and different size seals can be equipped. Currently, there are two sizes – regular and large. This seal is the most important part of the mask as it is the part that creates the seal on your face, and if used properly, will force particles to pass through the filter. 

Although experiences will differ, I found that this silicone seal created a good fit. While there were some leaks near the top of my nose initially, these were easy to fix after adjusting the straps to create a tighter fit. 

The plastic front-piece of the mask is a rather unique design and this is the part of the mask that houses the filter. The front panel of the piece features a mesh design, and this panel can be pulled down to reveal the filter square which will allow you to change the filter as needed.

Gill Mask with Filter

The filter itself is very easily replaceable. All that you have to do is open the front panel, remove the filter case, open the case, change the filter, and place the case back in the front panel of the mask. Once this is done, you can close the front panel and you are done!

Gill Mask excels in its simplicity. Although many masks have interchangeable filters, I have not experienced any masks that are as intuitive or straight-forward as Gill Mask is. I felt no need to refer to any manual or instructions when replacing the filter – I simply opened the mask and understood instantly what to do. 

Gill Mask is bigger than most masks and you will notice that it protrudes further from your face. The effects of breathing are also far more noticeable, as the whole mask moves in and out when you inhale and exhale. These aren’t necessarily downsides, but they are something to keep in mind. 

As I mentioned previously, breathing through the mask feels like breathing through a scuba mask. If you have ever done so, you will know exactly the feeling that I mean. The silicon design and the fit feel very similar. 

Although this mask feels very different from the more traditional cloth mask design, I actually feel more reassured when I wear this mask. Whenever I breathe I can feel the mask move, and this makes me feel like the mask has an adequate fit and that it is working as intended. 

Of course, the most obvious downside to the design is the style. Where many other masks have even become fashion items, such as Mau Mask, Idontcare masks, and Re-Mask Sports, Gill Mask is far from this. It looks much more like a serious piece of respiratory protection, and it does stand out. However, with the bonuses that the design provides, it’s up to you to decide what is more important.

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Benefits of Gill Mask

Gill Mask Silicone Seal

Although I have already covered many of the unique benefits that Gill Mask offers, it is worth discussing them further as they are what make this mask truly unique compared to other masks on the market.

The Gill Mask’s biggest benefit is that it is far more environmentally friendly than the majority of masks currently on the market. Other masks either need to be replaced or use significantly bigger replaceable filters.

Not only does this filter system make the mask more environmentally friendly, but it also means that the mask is cheaper to use. Since the filters are so small, you can easily cut three or four filters from any larger filter. This is especially important in times of mask shortages.

The silicone and plastic design of the mask also means that it is exceptionally easy to clean. Currently, the most recommended disinfection methods involve heat and/or water, and the plastic nature of the Gill Mask means that both of these methods work very well – just remember to remove the filter first.

Of course, the plastic design also means that the mask is very easy to dry. Whereas cloth masks will often need to sit for at least one day to dry, the Gill Mask can easily be dried by hand.

Finally, I found that the Gill Mask provided a sense of security. While this may just be my experience, I found that it was very easy to identify leaks in the mask seal and to fix these. Once fixed, the mask felt like it created a strong seal and I could feel the mask pressure when inhaling and exhaling.

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Is Gill Mask a Good Choice of Mask?

Gill Mask Review

Overall I found that the Gill Mask is a very unique design and one that works very well. This mask is a great choice for anyone looking for mask to protect themselves from fine dust, viruses, or otherwise. Just make sure that the filter that you use is rated against whatever particle you are concerned about.

The biggest downside of the mask is that breathing through it is significantly more difficult than other masks. While the design brings many advantages, I can’t recommend this mask for anyone that has difficulty breathing or plans to exercise while wearing the mask. If you have asthma or another respiratory condition it may be worth looking into other masks.

However, for anyone looking for a mask for daily wear the Gill Mask is a great choice. Not only is it cheaper and more environmentally considerate, but it’s also far more user-friendly (you can use any filter) and creates a much better fit than nearly every other mask I have tested.

Purchase Gill Mask.

Gill Mask FAQ

What Rating Does Gill Mask Have?

Gill Mask itself does not hold a rating. This is dependent on the filter that you use. Since the mask allows the user to change filters at will, the exact filtration specifications depend upon the filter used.

Can Gill Mask Fit Children?

The standard Gill Mask is designed for adults. However, there is a children’s version available.

What Filters Fit in Gill Mask?

The filter size for Gill Mask is very small, meaning that nearly every filter can fit the mask once it has been cut down to size. For example, a standard size surgical mask could be cut down into 4-6 separate filters for Gill Mask.

What Are Some Alternatives to Gill Mask?

Gill Mask is quite a unique mask, and currently there aren’t any direct alternatives. The closest would be the Totobobo mask. O2 Canada Curve 1.2 is another popular alternative.

What Can I Use Gill Mask For?

Gill Mask can be used as a pollution mask or as a mask for protection from viral particles. Since the mask filters air both ways, and provides a strong seal, it is a good choice for many situations.

Read 13 Comments on 'Gill Mask Review – Mask That Uses Any Filter!'

  1. Great and detailed review.

    There are a few others using silicone seal including O2 Canada Curve 1.2, idMASK 2.0, LMP S2 mask, B2 Mask etc.

    1. Hello Phil,

      Thank you for saying so!

      I know of O2 Canada and idMASK (I am trying to get my hands on their masks at the moment). I hadn’t heard of the other two masks though – thank you for letting me know! I would love to try some more masks with silicone seals as they are some of the best masks out there.

      1. Yes, I am also interested in Silicone type mask.

        Another mask I forgot to mention is the Envo Mask which is N95 certified. But it seems it can’t be shipped out of USA atm.

        I do have the Gill Mask, o2 Canada mask and idMASK which I do think are good in their own ways. Waiting for my B2 Mask and LMP Mask to arrive.

      2. I’ve been happily using an O2 Curve for some time, but the last time I tried to reorder filters, I got a notice on their page that the company is shutting down. I think you might find their products on eBay, but sourcing filters will be a problem.

  2. I have been hoping that the rubber seal type masks were a solution for me, after buying many, many masks this year. However, I always have problems with nose fit on the rubber seal which can’t be corrected because these types can’t be adjusted. Also, they all tend to be expensive (>50 USD in general and usually higher) and are very large on the face.

    I decided against yet another $30 purchase of the Gill Mask because they don’t have any accurate sizing information on their website and in the end I didn’t want to look like Bane all day at work. The mask looks huge on the face in the few pictures I’ve seen. It’s a shame because the interchangeable filter housing is genius; I refuse to commit to buying custom shaped filter elements from 5 different mask manufacturers at this point.

    At this point I’m still waiting to find the ideal mask for long usage: option of ear or head/neck loops, high filtration, NO VALVES (or at least the option of closing the valve), good seal, NOSE WIRE, ALLOWS TALKING without the mask pulling off my nose. Ironically, the loose cloth masks with filter insert seem to be the closest so far…something like is still my current daily choice, but I’m still hopeful about a few kickstarters.

  3. Many thanks for the most detailed review on the Gill Mask I have seen so far. I wish I had seen it before I bought two. Having used the mask I wish to draw to the attention of anyone who contemplates buying one: it not only is difficult to breathe in, you might not even be able to use it in a hot and humid tropical environment (where I live). It was 30+ Celsius with an RH of 80+ when I first used it. I was sure it was fitted perfectly and yet the exhaust came out around the top rim and upward towards my glasses. Consequently my glasses were steamed totally and I had to remove them in order to see. And I was only standing in the sun, motionless! I would not say this is a design flaw or quality problem. It may actually be an ‘ethical’ problem. I am sure if the mask is provided with an exhaust valve the problem would not have been there. Breathing would also be a lot easier. I say it may be an ‘ethical’ problem because there is a school of thought out there which says that an exhaust valve on a mask is something “selfish”. Selfish in the sense that whoever wearing this mask might actually be breathing out viruses! One without an exhaust valve would protect the wearer as well as those who are around him or her. Very true. Question is: if I don’t have Covid-19 on me when I wear a mask with an exhaust valve FOR PROTECTION of myself, what’s the problem? My conclusion on the Gill mask: if you are in an environment with a temperature below 26C with an RH below 60 and if you are stationary most of the time, you should be OK. Don’t ever think of wearing it for any strenuous exercise, especially in a hot and humid environment.

    1. Hello,

      I am sorry to hear about your bad experiences with the mask. I haven’t had a chance to test it in such humid or hot conditions yet, but I could definitely see this being an issue. It is one of the most difficult masks that I have tried (in terms of breathing), and I believe this is caused by the small filter surface as well as the lack of valve, as you mentioned.

      I do wonder if a valve would help it perform better. I think that it could definitely make breathing significantly easier. As you say though, perhaps they don’t offer a valve variant as they don’t expect them to sell well at the moment? Especially considering that some countries have banned valved masks already.

      Thank you for sharing your opinion! Your insight from a different climate/situation is very insightful and I hope that future readers can read this too. I will see about updating the article to mention what you have said.

    2. Well, I am from Singapore and I have used the Gill mask for a couple of days using 3 ply face masks as filter material. It does take some getting used to as compared to a 3m half face respirator(7502) initially but if you have been working 12 hrs in a 3m n95 mask in a medical setting like me, you will find the Gill mask to be much more comfortable to breathe in due to the air pocket in front of your mouth and nose.

      I even took a walk for 4km twice in hot and humid Singapore to test the Gill mask with no adverse breathing issues.

  4. Great review and great discussion. Thank you! I wonder if the O2 Canada mask will perform better in countries like India where the temperatures could go as high as 42 Deg C. My parents live in India and wants to send them some good quality reusable masks. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Hello Mary,

      Thank you for your question. I definitely feel as though the O2 Canada masks may perform better (than Gill Mask in such temperatures) due to both their smaller size (less of a micro-climate zone) and due to the larger filter surface area.

      I do wonder though if a high-quality cloth mask might perform better in such high temperatures. Unfortunately, I have no experience wearing masks in such hot temperatures myself, however, I did find the O2 Canada mask to perform well up to around 36 degrees (I haven’t tried it at a higher temperature).

      The reality is that no mask will be comfortable at such temperatures. But the O2 Curve strikes a good balance between comfort, filtration, and fit.

      I hope this helps!

  5. Hello Ethan

    Thank you so much for your advice, I really appreciate it! 
    I was thinking about buying the Gill mask, and I have asthma. 
    Sometimes, like now, it is so difficult to breathe with a regular mask. So I am looking for something with a fan or air purifier, for the pandemic and the smog.
    In your experience, which one do you think might be easier to breath?

  6. I’m seeing that breathability seems to be the biggest complaint. I haven’t used mine yet but bought two thanks to your reviews here. I plan on using a microfibre filter like the ones provided by outdoor research. High viral protection but much more breathable. Hope this is helpful to other readers!

  7. Hello, thank you for the review.

    I ordered my GILL Mask on January 29, 2021, on I am a massage therapist. When I bought the Gill Mask. I wanted to avoid being a part of the problem with the PPE shortage while protecting myself and my clients as much as I possibly could. I view using a mask during a pandemic, as comparable to wearing a seatbelt while in a car. I have to say that the mask has a side effect of either impressing or scaring people. LOL! That’s generally good for social distancing.

    I started using cut-up PM 2.5 filters, which yield 3 Gill-sized filters but now I have needed to go to the cut-up surgical masks that yield 6 filters per surgical mask. Now, the PM 2.5 filter has 6 layers while the surgical mask has 3. Over time my breathing capacity with or without the mask seems to have declined. I thought that the increased breathing resistance provided by the mask and filter would strengthen my breathing capacity while maximizing my protection of myself and others. I did get a mild CoV2 breakthrough infection (Pfizer) without any O2 decrease (a friend who I later found out had Cov2 caught me off guard while I wasn’t using any mask. 🙁 Cov2 could have decreased my breathing capacity also. If I am using the mask with either filter now, while talking while walking, or stretching a client during a massage (granted my treatment room might get above 26C/79F), I start to sweat previously and get shortness of breath. Also, when I try to run outside without a mask I find my breathing capacity has diminished. The sweating isn’t a joke! once the filter in the mask gets wet then I really can’t breathe! So, after about a year of using the Gill Mask, I have to say that it works in the way that I wanted it to but I am disheartened that my breath seems to be becoming more labored over time. Has anyone else complained of this?

    Thanks again!

    Happy Holidays!
    I just had a nice Chanukah
    If you celebrate, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! <:D

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