Disclaimer & Ethics

I am not a doctor, and nor have I studied in a field related to air pollution, respirators, or viruses. I do my best to thoroughly research all of my articles, and I always include sources to where I have found the information.

It is always best to refer to a doctor or expert in a related field or matters of importance. This blog is meant as a place to find general information in an easily digestible form. For more information, I always recommend reading official sources.

Respirators are only effective if they have been fit-tested. Fit-testing requires professional training.

Affiliate Disclaimer

This site is a part of many different affiliate programs and I may make a commission on purchases that you make.

Purchases made by the user will not cost more, however, I may get a percentage of the price. This is a way for me to support the blog and to keep writing good content. I will never recommend a product that I don’t believe in.

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If you have any questions about these disclaimers, please feel free to contact me here. I want to be as transparent as possible and I am happy to answer questions.


I review a lot of different products on this website, and I understand how hard it can be to find a website or platform to trust when everyone has ulterior motives. It is for this reason that I want to share a few of my beliefs and philosophies.

  • Although I do reviews, I refuse to be paid for these. I believe it is important to remain as unbiased as possible, and I will believe that being paid for reviews would influence this.
  • I do make money from affiliate links. However, I only link to products that I believe in. Further, if you fully read my reviews I always do my best to state not only the positives, but also the negatives of a product.
  • I only accept reviews for products that have scientific evidence behind them. For most products I review, these are filtration lab results from trusted sources. If a product doesn’t have such evidence behind a certain aspect, I will clearly state so.

I always strive to only spread information that is accurate. A lot of research goes into all of the articles that I write. However, if you do notice any accuracies, please contact me.