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Ethan Brooke BreatheSafeAir

Work With Me

Hello, my name is Ethan, and I run BreatheSafeAir. Thank you for expressing an interest in working with me.

Why Work With BreatheSafeAir?

Breathesafeair is a website that specialises in topics surrounding air pollution. This includes, but isn’t limited to, masks, respirators, air pollution monitors and air purifiers.

If you have a product that is related to air pollution in some form, Breathesafeair can give you the exposure you want through a niche audience that is interested in your product.

When it comes to product reviews, I do my best to provide the most detailed analysis that I can. If you would like to see examples of my work, please refer to some of my most recent reviews below:

Despite there being hundreds if not thousands of masks and respirators to choose from, one mask has begun consistently appearing in the recommendations I’ve spotted on my Twitter and elsewhere online. This mask is Flo…
Recently, carbon dioxide monitors have been gaining a lot of attention. With findings showing how detrimental CO2 is to our cognitive performance and drowsiness levels, it’s no wonder that more people are interested in monitoring…
Over the years, many of us have become accustomed to ‘standard’ respirators. Whether you regularly wear a 3M Aura, Powercom KN95, or a Kleenex KF94, nearly all of the key features across these masks are…
A few months ago, I reviewed my first carbon dioxide monitor – the Aranet4. Likely the market’s most popular carbon dioxide monitor, I gave it a 4.5-star rating and praised it for being a fantastic…

Audience Statistics

With a niche like this, traffic fluctuates significantly, and it can experience highs and lows daily. As such, it is best to reach out to me directly for the latest information. My general website statistics are below:

Monthly Traffic

30,000 – 40,000​


50% U.S, 10% Canada, 9% U.K, 4% Australia, 3% South Korea


London, New York, Toronto, Seoul, Chicago, Melbourne, Sydney


95% English, 3% German, 1.5% French​

You can rest assured knowing that the readers of BreatheSafeAir are those who are worried about air pollution and its dangers. If you have a product within this field, you can expect engaged readers who are interested in what you have to offer.

If you would like more information on website visitors, please contact me at [email protected].

How Can We Work Together?

I am open to hearing your ideas as to how we can work together. Generally, my collaborations are in the form of product reviews, but other opportunities are available.

Whatever form of collaboration we agree on, I will share my honest opinions on your product – whether these be positive or negative. I may also turn down products and brands based on my own research and judgement.

I will not accept sponsored posts.


I am only interested in products and offers that are related to air pollution. Unrelated products and offers will not be accepted.

If you would like me to review a product then I am happy to. However, I will share my honest opinion. I believe in honesty foremost and I will share both the benefits and downsides of products with my readers.

For more details on my transparency and how this impacts reviews, please contact me.

Further information

I am happy to provide further information if requested. Please feel free to contact me via my contact form or at my email ([email protected]). I will reply as soon as I can!