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Vogmask is one of the most famous reusable masks on the market. If you’ve ever looked into reusable respirators, you will have come across it. Along with Cambridge Mask, Respro, and a few others, Vogmask is one of the original reusable mask companies.

In this review, I want to look into Vogmask from a few different perspectives. I will look into the technology, design, fit, and more. Since this is a respirator, however, the filtration technology is most important, and I will be focusing on that primarily. 

If you believe I have missed anything in this review, or if you notice any inaccuracies, please don’t hesitate to let me know. 

With that being said, this is my Vogmask review. If you are interested in how Vogmask compares to some of the competition, please feel free to check out my article on Cambridge Mask vs Vogmask

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Filtration Technology

Vogmask Filter

The EU model Vogmask is shown as FFP1. More on the differences between the U.S and EU Vogmask later on!

Being a respirator, the most important aspect is, of course, the filtration. Let’s begin with the filtration rates. 

One thing that I appreciate with Vogmask is that they provide links to their lab certificates. Not many mask creators show these certificates publicly, however, Vogmask has them available to everyone.

Vogmask conforms to the KF94 standard from South Korea. This is a globally recognised standard for fine dust protection and is roughly equivalent to FFP2, and performs slightly worse than N95.

The masks also conform to the N95 standard but they do NOT hold an official N95 rating (CDC). That is to say, Vogmask meets the N95 standard for filtration efficiency (< 95%) however, it does not hold an N95 rating (Vogmask).

Vogmask also conforms to the NIOSH standards for inhalation and exhalation resistance along with valve leakage. This means that Vogmask should be comfortable to breathe through (Vogmask). On top of this, these masks also feature bacterial and viral filtration, and have been tested by Nelson Labs for each. 


Aerosol and Air Quality Research, Comparison of Filtration Efficiency and Pressure Drop in Anti-Yellow Sand Masks, Quarantine Masks, Medical Masks, General Masks, and Handkerchiefs (source).

For bacteria at 3 ± 0.3 micrometres, the masks feature 99.9% filtration. This will provide filtration against many, but not all, kinds of bacteria. It is worth noting, however, that even though they may not be tested for it, many masks are capable of filtering even smaller particles (Vogmask).

For viruses at 3 ± 0.3 Vogmask also features 99.9% filtration. This means that Vogmask will be very efficient at filtering larger viral particles. Many viruses are smaller than 3 micrometres, however (Vogmask). If you are interested in an anti-viral mask, check out the Aropec anti-viral mask.

As mentioned earlier, it is important to note that while Vogmask does not guarantee any protection against smaller particles, that some N95 respirators are quite effective at small particle filtration even though they are not rated for it (3M).

Since Vogmask is not officially rated as N95, and since N95 is rated for filtration at 0.3 micrometres, there is no guarantee that your mask will filter viral particles. However, respirators do tend to provide some protection against smaller particles.

Compared to other masks on the market, Vogmask sits in the middle of filtration efficiency. There are some masks which perform better – certain Cambridge Mask (N99 equivalent) and Respro (FFP3) models perform better, at least in regards to fine dust filtration. Re-Mask masks also offer more filtration, along with the Earth Filters that the company makes.

However, there are also many reusable masks that are rated around N95, and many hold no rating at all. Vogmask is a mask that you can trust to provide around 95% filtration for fine dust particles – provided of course, that it is fitted correctly. 

Vogmask Valve

Vogmask models also may feature one or two valves depending on the model. Valves decrease resistance and make breathing easier. Single valve models make breathing more comfortable, and double valve models make this change even more substantial. More information about valves and how they impact mask filtration.

Valves can also decrease the humidity and temperature within the mask, making them more comfortable to wear for long periods or in high temperatures. Vogmask has an expiry date of 3 years from the date of manufacture. They also have a reuse period of a few months depending on the AQI.

On their website, they state that 5-6 months of wear can be achieved – or until breathing becomes difficult. If you live in an area with consistently high Air Quality Index (150+), expect this lifespan to be decreased significantly. 

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It’s important to note that the filter standards (N95, KF94, KN95, etc) are irrelevant if the mask isn’t fitted correctly. If there are gaps in the seal, particles can simply enter through these gaps rather than through the filter. 

For this reason, the fit of a mask is vital. For the best fit, professional fit testing is required. However, this is not accessible for most people.

3M recently found that even without professional fit testing that some level of protection can be achieved if methods are followed to create a good fit (3M). If you are wondering how to don a respirator properly, please refer to this guide by the CCOHS.

Respirator Fit Test

How to wear a respirator (CDC).

Therefore, it is vital that a mask fits as well as possible and that a seal can be made between your mask and your face. 

Vogmask offers 5 different sizes, each meant for different people. The mask sizing is meant to be easily accessible and is therefore based on the height of the wearer. However, if you have strong facial features, you may find achieving a fit hard. This is especially true if you have a big or small nose.

Vogmask uses ear-straps, and although common on respirators, this is one of my biggest issues with the product. Ear-straps are less sturdy than a head-band style of strap and mean that the mask is more loosely fitting. Further, these ear straps (as with all ear-straps) become very painful after long periods.

Luckily, a headband accessory is available. If you are purchasing a Vogmask and expect to be wearing it for long periods of time, I can’t recommend this headband enough. Your ears will thank you for it!

The mask features a wire-nosepiece for adjustments around the nose. Although easily adjustable, it’s important to try to retain the structural integrity of the product when storing it. This means, if possible, don’t share the mask and don’t store it in the sun, or somewhere where it can be crushed. 

Another aspect that I noticed when first trying Vogmask is that the mask is very light. It is lighter than the Cambridge Pro Mask that I usually use, and it also feels significantly lighter than most other reusable masks that I use.

This is great for long-term wear. Although the weight doesn’t seem to make a big difference initially or in theory, in practice after long periods of wear it will be a lot more comfortable. 

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Vogmask Review

Vogmask features many different designs and they are always coming out with new designs. I recommend checking out their store for all of the different products that they create.

For people like me, they also thankfully provide simple, solid-colour designs. If you would prefer to fit into a crowd rather than to stand out, these designs are ideal. Although Vogmask doesn’t have the same fashion focus of masks such as Mau mask, they offer some good designs.

One of the things that I appreciate the most about Vogmask is the use of an organic cotton inner layer. This layer tends to not only be more comfortable but to smell better in the long run. A few other masks such as the Re-Mask Sports also feature this, and it is a great addition for the longevity of the mask.

Vogmask has no obvious branding and features only a simple tag on the outside with their name. This is another aspect that many people will appreciate as it allows the mask to blend in.

Finally, as mentioned in the technical section, Vogmask can feature none, one or two valves. These valves don’t impact filtration performance, but they do make breathing more comfortable and affect the look.

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Vogmask Models

Vogmask features two different models, VMCV Vogmask and VM Organic (also VMC2V which is the same but features two valves). 

  • Vogmask VMC
  • Vogmask Organic
  • VMC2V (dual-valve Vogmask Organic)

Both models of mask feature the same filtration efficiency of 95%, and the difference between the masks comes in the form of comfort. 

The VM Organic and VMC2V masks both feature the organic cotton inner-layer. This layer provides extra comfort and as I mentioned earlier, tends to smell a bit better. At least in my experience!

VMCV Vogmasks are also the masks that come in many designs. Although I don’t know why the VM Organic and VMC2V masks only come in solid colour. 

VM Organic masks feature no valves, VMCV feature a single valve, and VMC2V masks feature two valves. 

Another interesting fact that I came across while researching was that Vogmask appears to offer different models to different regions. Vogmask.com sells the models listed above and is targeted at a U.S audience. These masks have a KF94 rating.

However, Vogmask-Europe.com offers N99CV and N99 organic models. These masks are rated KF94, KN95, and claim to meet N99 criteria (but as with the U.S models, they do NOT have an N99 certification).

These masks also hold the FFP1 R rating, which is (according to Vogmask support) due to their small size when is intended for youths.

Therefore, rather confusingly, it appears that EU Vogmask models meet (but don’t hold) N99 certification. U.S (and global) models meet (but don’t hold) N95 certification.

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Conclusion – Should You Get a Vogmask?

After this Vogmask review is said and done, would I recommend Vogmask for someone looking for a fine dust mask?

Yes, I would. There are other respirators out there that provide higher filtration – Cambridge Mask and Respo are two such examples. 

However, Vogmask is a viable alternative to these reusable masks. In the end, the fit is often more important than filtration efficiency, and if Vogmask fits well then it is a good choice. 

Vogmasks are also widely accessible, especially when compared to some of the other masks on the market. They are sold globally and are also cheaper than some of the competition. 

One thing that I would highly recommend though, is that you also purchase the optional headband accessory. The headband will make Vogmask infinitely more comfortable.

If you are interested in learning more about other reusable respirators please check out my comparison. I also have a Vogmask vs Cambridge Mask comparison that might be useful for anyone wanting to compare the two.

What are your experiences with Vogmask? If you have something that you would like to share I would love to hear from you. Please feel free to comment below or to contact me.

Interested in learning more about other reusable respirators? Check out my full article. Alternatively, learn more about the Xiaomi Purely fan powered mask!

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Vogmask FAQ

What Rating Does Vogmask Have?

Vogmask meets the KF94, and FFP2 and KN95 standards (for EU variants). While it does conform to the NIOSH N95 standard, it does not hold an official N95 rating.

Do I Need a Mask with a Valve?

Vogmask offers multiple models, some with no valves, some with one, and some with two. A valve is not a requirement, but it will make breathing easier and more comfortable. If you intend to exercise with a mask, then a dual-valve variant is better.

What Are Some Vogmask Alternatives?

There are many great reusable respirators out there. One of the most popular alternatives is the Cambridge Mask. Other options include Respro, Totobobo, and MeoAir.

How Long Does Vogmask Last?

This depends upon the air quality. For most users, the mask will last around 300 hours. In real world usage, this is often 6 months to one year. However, with stronger pollution levels the lifespan of the filter will be decreased.

Is Vogmask N95?

While Vogmask conforms to the N95 filtration standards, it is NOT officially rated as an N95 mask.

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